Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Hayden's First Christmas- Part 1

I am going to jump back a little becasue I want to share Hayden's first Christmas. I will have to do it in parts, so here is part one. Hayden helped us put up the tree and lights.

He also helped daddy put the star on top,
and put on his very first ornament.
Well, here it is, the previously announced $40 ornament. It is a little bear with a gift in a carriage, with a ribbon across the top saying "Baby's First Christmas" and a little heart at the top on the string that says 2009. There really wasn't one that we just "loved" so we agreed on this one, Tim thought the shoes were too girly, even the one with blue on them, this from the man who won't even let me buy Hayden a play kitchen.

I'm sure you can read the engraving, but if you can't, it says: Hayden Ibarra, 1-12-09, Love, mom and dad.

I found this ornament online and thought it would be so cute to have for our first Christmas as a family of 3. The bottom says: Our first Christmas as mommy and daddy. The website has them where we can get a new one each time we add a family member, which will not be this Christmas, ha!! :) I also bought one for last year that is a pregnant sowlady, and one for dad that was a rocking horse with a little bear on it and it said: Paw Paw's First Christmas.

I guess actually this was Hayden's first ornament, Tim bought it for me last year for Christmas while I was very pregnant. It doesn't have a year on it, so it can be our little secret :)

Our little Santa, I couldn't believe he was still wearing the hat!

Isn't he just the cutest!! Yes, that is his big wheel in the background, although he wont be gatting it for a year or two. It was over half off on black Friday, and I couldn't resist, it is a Radio Flyer big wheel for $20. I am assuming this was the only year we could just leave gifts lying around.
and the Christmas anticipation is growing........ The rest of Christmas will be coming soon!


Jeff and Kibbie said...

His santa suit is too cute!

Angela Ibarra said...

Thanks, $1.50 at RL the fall I was pregnant with him :)