Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Hayden is One!!!

Well, My baby is a year old!!!! I can't believe how the time has flown. At least he survived his first year. I love my little man so much and look forward to many more years with him.

This our little family now. I'm not extremely fond of this pic, but Hayden would not sit still, so we took what we could.

Hayden LOVES his daddy, and his daddy loves him. I wanted a pic of them together for a frame I got Tim for Christmas, and forgot to get one with me, but he just would not stay still, so I doubt we would have got one.

I did not get to take the cake decorating classes with the other girls, so my skills are limited. I learned a lot when I was younger from my cousin who does cakes, and that is the only real knowledge of cakes I have, but I think it works for a 1st birthday. Next year when we do his Little Red Wagon cake, it will be a cupcake cake, so we will see how that goes, I am hoping to up my skills by then :)

Well, we found a way to get him to sit still. CAKE!!! He loved it, of course. He started out slow, but then started digging in.

How cute is he!!!

I think he was beginning to let us know he maybe just didn't feel so great.

Happy Birthday Sweet Baby- We Love You So Much!!!


Jeff and Kibbie said...

Happy birthday Hayden!!!Love the pics! Cute cake!

The Stain Family said...

So cute! Happy Birthday Hayden!