Monday, November 16, 2009

Hayden's First Christmas

I know what you are thinking, Hayden's First Christmas, what, what about his first Thanksgiving, well that will be in a few weekends, but for now I am working very hard to have a very special First Christmas. Such as scouring the internet for the perfect stocking, which I have yet to find, $45 for a silver engraved ornament from Things Remebered(our wallets are ssssooooo glad he doesn't have to have a silver engraved ornament every year from Things Remebererd!!) thinking about presents, and decorations. We now have one thing to cross of the list, Hayden's First Christmas Pictures, wich were done Saturday. It was a little hard to get "in the spirit" before even having turkey and dressing, but it didn't take long and I think they turned out great. Hayden didn't care one way or another. I am so ready for his First Christmas, and kinda sad that it is almost here, and then it will be over, then on to first Birthday!!!! :) I love this pic he looks so adorable.

First Family Christmas Photos.

Peek- A- Boo. I found this plastic ball ornament in one of those wrapped boxes and he was loving it.

I decided to go ahead and include this, it is our Christmas Card, so some of you will be getting the hard copy. Isn't it just Adorable.

Santa's Best Gift Ever!!!!!!

Merry Christmas!!!!!!!