Friday, March 12, 2010

Five years and counting

Today my wonderful husband and I are celebrating our 5th anniversary. Time sure flies when you are having fun:) Tim and I met through some pretty unique circumstances and we continue to have unique lives. I won't bore you with our story, most know it anyway, but if you don't and want to, just let me know. Here we are so happy and engaged in May 2004. I mentioned it already, we are unique, how many people can say they got engaged at Toad Suck Square, well my guess is one............ me.

Our wedding photos were not taken with a digital cam so this was the best I could find. We were married on March 12, 2005, my spring break from school. We married at my home church in Mena, Arkansas. Our wedding was great, small, nice, fun. I had found the perfect dress and my parents pretty much let me have what I wanted, not that I am spoiled, i'm just the only girl ;) Here we are being pronounced as husband and wife!!

We left that evening for New Orleans, LA, where our cruise ship would be leaving for the Carribean. While dating we always joked about if we got married we should go on this fancy Carribean cruise, and when honeymoon decision time came we were like, let's just do it, so we did, and it was wonderful!! We ate so much, the resteraunts were awesome and we did freestyle cruising, which is what I totally reccomend, so we could eat wherever, whenever.

We had so much fun, just being together.

One year later, on our First Anniversary we took a trip to St. Louis. And yes, we ate our year old frozen cake, it really wasn't THAT bad.

It was my first time to ride up in the arch.
We ate at the fanciest restuarant we ever eaten at, even to this day! It was so nice, but we felt a little out of place, some of the wiaters were pretty snooty, but we got a new guy who was so nice, by now, if he is still there, he is probably stuck up too. Nonetheless, it was a nice treat for us.
We have had a lot of fun over our past five years, and I expect nothing less of our next 60 or so!!

Of course now we have added one more to the mix, and couldn't be happier!!!!! Happy Anniversary Babe, I love you so much and can't wait to grow old with you, even though you will get there before me, and see what the future holds for us. And sorry to anyone who is now totally bored after reading all my boring and mushy stuff :)