Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Our First Christmas with our Little Man

Hayden's first Christmas was so special to us. Of course we enjoyed giving him gifts, and watching him open them, but just to have him and know we were celebrating the birth of Jesus, was just so exciting. Our family of three. It took Hyaden a little while to get the hang of opening gifts, but once he did there was no stoppping him.

He loves his piggy, he now sleeps with it.

He had such a fun time, and it was just a joy to see this little smile over and over.

He loved all his toys, but our main goal was.....Anything with Balls. That was Hayden's first word, which I might just post the video of the 3rd or so time he said it, but he loves balls. At first, daddy had gone and picked out all his gifts, so I got a little upset, so then we returned two and chose some gifts together, daddy picked this one becasue it speaks in English and Spanish, wich we would like for Hayden to learn. However I have dropped the ball a little, I usually only use Hola, adois, no mas, and that's about it, I will try to do better.

Mommy was ssssooooo excited to get her big cricut, the expression. I actually got it on Black Friday while we were in Mena, but Tim made me wait and open it for Christmas. After selling my smaller one, and making a $10 profit, that brought the price of this one to $180- woohoo now I call that a good deal! And it has been humming ever since, seems like there is always a baby or birthday gift to be made, Thanks Robin for all the ideas ;))

and we were excited to get our wii fit.

Tim's Only suprise was a sports coat. He has been wanting one for a long time, Kohls had one for sale, then my mom gave me $20 kohls cash, and I had a 15% off card- Gotta love Kohls!!! It was gonna be perfect, I had bought one and stored it at mom and dad's, had marc try it on and it was too small, so went back and got a bigger one, and stored it at mom and dad's, got from there wrapped it and placed it under the tree, this was gonna be great. I wasn't sure it would fit or was the one he wanted, so I wisely kept the recipt, but accidently left it on the couch with a small pile of other papers, that Tim always makes me go through, well just so happened he decided to go through it asking me aobut two or three other recipts and if I needed them, I would say no, and trash them. Then I see him holding a Kohls recipt and by the time I can YELL NO!!! It was too late and I burst into tears! And exclaim why did you do that, poor Tim as apolagetically as he could said he was sorry and he didn't know, which I knew, but still felt the need to blame him. It's your only suprise I said while still sobbing away. To wich he awnsered I still don't know what it looks like, basically is was a huge kill joy, but he liked it anyway. I asked him later what his first thought was when he read the recipt and he said it was... Alright, I wonder what it looks like. So at least that part was still a suprise. And yes, he loved it, it was the exact kind he wanted, but I am still wondering why I even bother.

and it fit perfectly....Thanks Marc :)!!

The next morning santa came and this is what he left Hayden. Ball pit, ride on toy, and Little People constuction set.

Tim sat him down at the end of the hallway so he would have enough time to run in and get his expression when he first saw the toys, he began to cry and was mad, then slowly made his way down the hall. He wasn't quite waling yet, so he would crawl then stop and sit. This is where he finally noticed Hey, there are some new toys in there!

And he made his way toward the goods.

Unfortunately in my search for the perfect stocking(and pherhaps a little procrastination) Hayden's stocking did not arrive until the day after Christmas, of course, so the next day I took some pics of him with it. He didn't really know what to do with it or what it was for.

and NO, I couldn't get him to look at the camera and he was pulling on it and was going to tear it, so I had to get onto him and then THIS is what I got
Pouty Lip.

And so concludes Hayden's First Christmas('s). Next up will be the ever anticipated First Birthday party post, and I have narrowed it down to a wopping 27 pics. :) Soon I will be all the way caught up to Easter.....maybe :)