Friday, April 9, 2010

First Birthday Bash!

Hayden's First Birthday landed on a weekday, so we had to work that day, but when we arrived, Joshua (and his mommy and daddy) had gotten Hayden a gift, so the boys tore into it. Elmo phone and puffs!

Just chillin on his actual birth day.

To celebrate, we went out to eat that night, at Cracker Barrel.

Hayden got a free birthday bowl of ice cream, of which he LOVED, mommy and daddy got some of it too ;)
Hayden all excited for his party day!!!! Even though he has no idea anything was happening :)

I decided to do Brown and Teal dots for the birthday theme. Here is the banner I made.

In all the confusion I forgot to take pics of the decorations/favors, so these were actually pics of people, but I had to zoom way in to show them. They all had a collage of Hayden at various months of age leading up to 1. The sticks had whoppers and teal colored rock candy and were given as favors. They were also used as my table decorations. The matte in front of this one was signed be everyone to frame a pic of Hayden at 1 year of age.

Ha! Please excuse Billy's hand full of half eaten pizza :)

This hung above the door where H was sitting. You may have noticed a similar one elsewhere ;);)

And The Cake....once again just want to mention, I did not take the cake decorating class, so I took the easy way out....Fondant.... I didn't have to use a single tip :) I was trying to make it stress free as possible. Thank you Cake Boss for all the great ideas :)

I even checkered the inside! I thiught it turned out good and tasted even better.

We have a very small house, which is fine, for now, so there was no way all these people would fit (comfortably) in there, and in January you can't really do anything outside, so we had the party at Pizza Inn, the party room is free, and they had the biggest one. Everyone showed up, I was shocked at all the RSVP's I got and then they actually came, i'm sure it won't ever happen agian, and the free pizza probably sealed the deal.

H got lots of GREAT gifts, our friends and family are WAY too generous, but we appreciate it. Since Christmas and H's birthday are so close together, I have stashed away some of the gifts to pull out throughout the year and make them last till next Christmas, it'll be like a new toy every two months or so :) I also have some never before seen suprises to bring on our vacation in July.

Ha! This was a see n say from the Cates, which I regifted to H for Valentine's Day! I know I know, but he didn't know the difference, I'm sure it won't be that easy from now on :)

Gotta love the Busy Ball Popper, which I'm saving for vacation.... I am bad, no, just thrifty :)

Love our monogramed pillow from Cousin Ashlyn :)

who also gave us this adorable piggy bank.

H had no idea what to think about the candle, so I enjoyed blowing it out :)

And he dug in, he had a practice run when he took his one year portraits, so he knew what to do.
yummy cake mom!!! and it's teal!

We took our pic at the end of the party....big mistake...... Birthday boy was tired and grouchy, so this is the best we could do. Mommy and Daddy love you so much Hayden, we can't believe you are one, and how fast the time has flown, you are a precious, wonderful baby, and we can't wait to watch you grow.