Thursday, March 4, 2010

Christmas at Granny and Paw Paw's

Hayden is the first gandchild for my dad, my mom has one, but she hasn't seen him in 3 years, so it would be a safe bet to say- He IS the FIRST grandchild, and boy does it show!! He is SPOILED x12. Bro Eddie mentioned one service that the reason we have spoiled kids is becasue we can't spank their grandparents, and all I can say is Amen!! Hayden got SO many gifts from them, but he also had to help them open thier gifts too. This is him explaining that he helped pick out this hat for paw paw, Hayden is one paw paw's boy.
He was so excited that paw paw got him a razorback sippy cup to match paw paw's new hat. See all those gifts beside Hayden, YES, they are ALL his, and I am covering up the rest!!

He also loved his pop up books!
And the Little People ride on Firetruck!!!!!

Which Paw Paw, of course, had to open IMMEDIATELY!
And it is oh, so much fun!!! It has lights and sounds, and music.......... And it stays at their house!! :) It is the first thing Hayden goes to as soon as we get there. He is just a bit too short for it, but soon he will be riding all over the place on it.
We were ssssooo excited to get our wii, mostly becasue I got us the wii fit :) However recently we hadn't played it much since our nephew(who is living with us for a few months) has it occupied, and I am NOT doing wii fit in front of other people.

I also was SUPER excited to get my own sewing machine, I have always been borrowing my mom's, so I guess she was tired of it, so when my darling husband approached her with the idea she jumped on it :)

And mom was also super excited to recieve her record/CD/whatever else it plays, player. Ha ha, note the new Elvis Cd next to her ;) And that concludes Christmas with my parents, stay tuned, there is more to come :)


The Stain Family said...

Yeah, so the sewing machine thing hasn't worked at our house...I've explained to my hubs that my mother would like her machine BACK, but he insists she doesn't mind. ha!