Thursday, January 22, 2009

Precious baby boy

I am loving this whole sahm stuff, and Tim has morphed his photo trigger happy finger to me and poor Hayden is suffering from it. He is so cute, and just asking to be photographed.
This is Hayden on the blanket that his grandma Sandy made for him.

We took our stork pictures on Sunday and I worked so hard to keep Hayden awake when daddy got home from church, so his eyes would be open in the picture, and then found out we facing directly into the sun, so all of our eyes are almost shut and poor Hayden wasn't even thinking of opening his, maybe we can try again this weekend, if Mrs.Robin will let us keep the stork that long.

Hayden's first stroll, all the way to the mailbox, a few yards, maybe.

He seemed to enjoy it.

I love these little shoes! They look so cute of his little feet.

Mommy's Little Man.

I hope there aren't any flies in our house. I think this is an Ibarra trait, becasue all the Ibarra grandkids sit or sleep with their mouths wide open.

Maybe Hayden is getting a little tired of the constant flashes in his eyes. That is a little bit of a mean face, must get it from his daddy.
Our doctor's office gives everyone a blanket with the baby's name and birthdate on it, I think that is so sweet, and I love the blanket.
I wonder what he is thinking here?

Cousin Christopher finally got to meet baby Hayden. He was sweet and held him and kissed him and then said he was done. Jayson was pretty much not interested in the baby.

My boys doing what they do best! How sweet is that.
Why can't he be this sweet all the time?
O.K., last Saturday I swore I saw Hayden smile like a real, mommy is funny, not I have gas smile, but you are thinking he was 6 days old he can't be really smiling, so I blew it off. Later that night, Tim's mom came to visit and she and my mom both saw him smiling more than once, so that confirmed that I wasn't just the over excited mom, well he has been doing it ever since so now I have some proof, of course you can never catch the really good smiles, but I think these are enough to prove that he can do it. These were taken today, the kid is not even two weeks old yet.

I awoke today to this.......... normal sized feet!!!!! That may not be of any significance to any one else, but those of you who had seen them now how excited I am and how much better I am feeling now that I can walk. I don't think they have been this small in at least 3 months.


The Stain Family said...

YAY!! Normal feet...praise the Lord! :) I know that's a big relief. You keep that stork as long as you want...don't think he'll be flying off any time soon.

TheWinstonFamily said...

I just love those pictures of Hayden.
You did a great job. He such a cutie.