Monday, January 19, 2009

Hayden is Here!!!!!

We are so excited that Hayden is here and he is home with us.

Mrs. Becky and Mrs Jennifer threw us a shower on Saturday before Hayden came. It was a very nice shower and we got lots of great gifts.

Here we are bright and early Monday morning January 12, 2009. We are sbout to go to the hospital to have our baby! This is when the nerves staeted setting in, I told Tim about half way there that we should just turn around and go back, but it was too late to turn back.

Our bundle of joy only hours away.

We made it to the hospital and got checked in and into our room really fast, we were both suprised how early we got things going. This picture was just me getting the IV, I had no idea of what was yet to come!
Dialation went really quick, we started at 3, and was at 10 around 2:30 and ready to push, somewhere in there was an epidural, and a second dose of epidural juice, since I could feel the contractions in my stomach. Then at 2:30 we bagan the delivery process, after an hour of pushing, the nurses decided that the epidural needed to be turned off COMPLETELY, that is right, no more pain meds, so after feeling contraction for another hour and a half, that is now two and a half hours of pushing, we find out mr. hayden is turned with his face up and pretty much stuck, so now we go in for a c-section. Then at 5:54 P.M. Hayden makes his arrival!!!!!

Daddy brings him into the nursery for everyone to see.

Daddy also tries his hand at calming Hayden, who was apparently screaming pretty loud.

After a few hours, mommy finally get to hold her new baby boy

Daddy had to get Hayden dressed to go home. I think he would agree it was not the easiest thing he has ever done.

Finally, he was ready to go.

First, we have to buckle him up.

and we get a ride to the front.

and daddy puts the car seat in.

Finally home and Hayden gets a tour of his room
He really likes his swing.
Dad couldn't resist but to show off his packer pride.

First bath.

and mommy couldn't resist but to play with his hair.

Here we are about to take Hayden on his first outing to the doctor.He is all buckled up and ready to go.


TheWinstonFamily said...

Hey Guys,
Hayden is so adorable, congrats again.
Love, Ms. Jina