Monday, January 5, 2009

Keisha's Wedding

Keisha and Charles got married on December 27th. The wedding turned out good, despite some bad weather. Everything looked great and Keisha was absolutely beautiful. Her dress was goergoues, of course I already knew that, the first time she tried it on we all started crying and knew it was "the one."

The whole wedding party looking good. Pay no attention to that huge 9 month pregnant bridesmaid.

Robin and I looking beautiful and cheesing it up.

We just couldn't let the rain mess up our hair, so for some reason there was some plastic sheething in the brides room, so we used it to cover us on our treck from the room to the wedding site, it wasn't a long way, but it sure felt long to us, the wind was blowing like crazy, and the bottoms of our dresses got a little wet. Definately a memorable moment.
Here I am waiting to practice my turn down the aisle. This is where the wedding was suppose to take place, but couldn't due to the incliment weather.

Should we really make daddy's "Practice" giving their daughters away? Isn't it brutal enough.