Sunday, January 25, 2009

Hayden's Newborn Portraits

I decided it was time to put Tim's fancy camera to some real work, after all its intended purpose is to take portraits of Hayden. Well, easier said than done, keeping him awake was the easy part, I had just fed him and he seemed like he was still hungry, so fingers straight to mouth, then he peed everywhere, but I am sure all you mommas are saying duh Angela, what did you expect, and exactly that, the reason why we decided to take these pics at home instead of dealing with it at a studio. I think the pics are good, and we will try to do some more nice ones later on. I am a little leary of putting pics of my unclothed child on the internet, but they are so cute I have to share them with everyone.

He is so cute. (Bias mother opinion)

I've seen those cute pics of the parents holding the baby's, but he was a little bit big, we maybe will try one with Tim and my hands, if we decide to brave this again. Maybe one of him Sleeping would still be cute.

The thinker pose.
Our Bundle of Joy, a true gift from God.

Such a happy boy.

There's that face again.