Tuesday, September 9, 2008

It's a Boy

We found out yesterday, I am carrying a little man. Tim is so excited, and so am I. There is just something about daddy's little man. Through the whole ultrasound he was on the edge of his seat, actually he was standing, but you get the point. She spent a long time measuring everything and Tim said he was thinking just tell me what it is already, but we had to make sure all was o.k., and it is, Doc say everything is great and right where it needs to be. We really got a good show, I have to admit a few tears ran down my cheeck, a baby truly is one of God's miracles, but he was moving and was not shy about letting us know he is a boy. I will try to scan the ultrasound pics and see if I can get them on, I hope I can because we got some excellent pics and he is so cute. Now we just have to find a boy name, which we don't have, so no, I don't have a name yet. I also know I am behind on everything else, so I will try to catch up some things as well.


The Stain Family said...

Yay for boys! :) How many boy toys have you purchased since you left the doctor's office??!! Congrats!