Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Crib Assembly 101

Since the baby is due in January, we are trying to get a head start, because the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays are stressfull enough, not to mention basket season and Kiesha's wedding, without throwing in extra baby stress. So since we already bought the baby's furniture, we decided last night to put the crib together, even though we haven't put up baseboards yet, but they are painted and ready to go, but if you look closely, you can see my nice floor that is finished. Any way, the dresser/changer comes already assembled, yipee. I knew this would be quite interesting. This is the beggining of many more things that daddy will have to put togther.

I call this one, "You put that thing up to this thing?" However Tim does look "in the zone"

After getting one and a half sides done, I noticed a big warning sticker in chinese that would be on the outside, and we just couldn't have that, so we had to take both pieces apart, and start all over. Here we have two sides and a back, it's beggining to look good. That is the dresser in the background, I forgot to take a picture of it.

Daddy adding some finishing touches. I did help a lot, but there was no one there to take a picture of me helping, and tim would not let me go search for the tripod.

Here it is, our bueatiful new crib, it is so cute, I really love it. You can't really tell, but it is cherry and matches the floors pretty good.

Some finishing touches and we are good to go. I couldn't resist but to put the stuff in it, it looked so sad all alone with nothing on it. I just got to excited. We are doing Raggedy ann and andy, I found some old pictures and dolls I had from when I was a baby, and decided to give them life again. Then I found out they had a bedding set, and I was sold. They discontinued the bedding set the year Tim and I got married, and I was so upset. On ebay it is really expensive and used and all that. My mom found the entire bedding set at a garage sale, sadly,the lady had lost her baby and decided to do something different, so we got all of it for $25, and she had never used it, and was glad that someone was really excited about finding it and was going to use it, that was so meant to be, and it can be boy or girl so we can get things ready now.


The Stain Family said...

Wow, ya'll have really been busy! The crib is beautiful...I'm glad Tim was able to put that engineering degree to good use! :)