Sunday, September 14, 2008

It's least for now

We have decided on the name Hayden Carter Joseph Ibarra. I know it is a long name, but the Joseph is a family tribute name to my uncle who died of cancer several years ago. He and his wife picked Daniel and I up for church when we moved to Mena before I could drive, if not for him I can't say for sure I would have got back in church, being so young and not really knowing where to go to church in a new town, it was Bro. Floyd's church and I stayed there till I left for Conway. Joe was a godly man who was to be looked up to and I am honored to give Hayden his name. We won't really actually use it that much it will just be his legal name, and just to know that it is there. When he is in big trouble I will stick to Hayden Carter Ibarra. I do not plan to change the name, but you know how these things go, but I'm pretty sure it is here to stay.
I will try to get the ultrasound pics on this week, my goal is tomorrow or the next day.


The Stain Family said...

Yay! We officially have an almost official name! Way to go...I'm sure it's nice to have that scratched off your "to do" list (at least momentarily!!).