Friday, September 12, 2008

Jayson is One

Back in august Jayson turned one year old. I can't believe how fast these kids are growing up. I was also there when he was wheeled into the nursery just like with Christopher. I plan to do the same with baby Ashlyn who will be arriving before we know it. Melissa planned a great party and we even had a little pinata fun.

Some of the little ones didn't quite get the point, but it was fun to watch. All the mommies had to help out a little.
However, Christopher knew exactly what to do and went at it.

Melissa always makes the cutest cakes.

Big brother Chirstopher was more than willing to help Jayson open his presents.

While trying to watch Jayson open presents, Jayson decided he wanted in on some of the cake and ice cream action that the big people were eating. Uncle Tim seemed to be the only one who would share and Jayson kept on coming back for more. We were all telling Tim to stop so he would open his presents, but he didn't, I think he liked being the favorite uncle, even if just for a quick minute. I wonder if he will be so quick to share when it is our child wanting his dinner every night. :)