Monday, December 20, 2010

A baby no more

I guess Hayden is really a toddler, since he is now in a toddler bed! His crib came with a toddler bar, so a few months ago we took the front off of the crib and put on the toddler bar. I was wanting to wait a little longer, but I have to wake him up most mornings, and lift his 25ish pound self up, and bending over the crib rail was killing my back. I figured there was no sense in continuing to hurt myself when he is perfectly capable of getting out of bed himself :)

He crawled right up in it with no problem.

And right back down to show me his pillow. I had never given him a pillow before so he was pretty excited about it.

I think he likes it!!

Then he decided his monkey would probably like it too.

And then exactly what I was afraid of he began his acrobatics and giving mommy a heart attack.

of course, he just thought it was hilarious.
All in all, I think he was pretty excited!

This is how I found him the next morning. I just know he is going to roll out sooner or later!

I thought pulling out a new blanket would be appropriate for his new bed, and since cold weather would be coming. So I gave him this teddy bear angel blanket, and he loves it. Tim and I bought a baby blanket in Mexico every year we went since we were dating. This is the one we bought on the 2004 Christmas trip when we were engaged.

Hayden loves to grab books or a toy and climb up in his bed.

We have had very little problem with him getting out of bed, thank goodness because I was prepared to be getting on to him most the night every night for getting out, but he does so good!
At first he just sat up and would call me till I came and got him, now he will play till I come, or I will crack his door and he will come out and get me. I know that eventually I will have a struggle getting him to stay in bed, but for now it is going great, and he hasn't fallen out yet!! My baby boy is just getting so big!! :)