Thursday, October 28, 2010

Where a "Kid" can be a kid

Since the day (okay, maybe the week) I told my father I was pregnant he couldn't wait to have Hayden's First birthday at Chuck E Cheese. This is the man who would take most of our tokens when I was a child and park it at a skeet ball machine for most of the time. However, to his great diassapointment I didn't think Hayden was quite ready at one for all that excitement. This spring my father starts sending Hayden subliminal messages, by telling him we are having his 2nd bday party at Chuck E Cheese, again to my dad's great dissapointment, I told him it isn't going to happen, but maybe for his 3rd birthday. So my dad decided to forget the birthday and we will just go anyway! So a few weeks ago we headed to Chuch E Cheese, Where A Kid Can Be A Kid. Of course we had to eat and get up some energy.

And, of course, the first thing Hayden headed for was BALLS!

There were so many things to do and he loved all the lights and sounds.

He spent a lot of time doing this. Staring up the chutes in the skee ball machine, where is paw paw was playing, looking for the balls....just waiting for them to come out.

So that he could do this...... That is right, straight for the mouth! uugggg!!

He was really excited when we got tickets and wanted to take them out of the machine.

He was so mad when daddy was playing with the balls and wouldn't let him haved them.

Then he found this ball, so Tim held him up on the machine and let him shoot at it, and he actually made it several times!!!! I think we may have a future star on our hands!! :) I was honestly shocked. I mean just look at that form.

And that arch


Then there was this FUN and easy game. Not sure when Chuch E Cheese became more like a casino? ha ha, but I guess a lot of there games are like gambling, especially now with all the electronic stuff. My brother and I were like, where is the Bozo bucket toss, where you throw the ping pong balls in the buckets, ha! Anyway, Pull the big lever.

Then you push the big red button to see how many tickets you get. Daniel actually hit the 100 on this one. I got 60 0n the stacker game and Tim was so mad cause he tried to do that so many times he he! But he got that many or more on another game.

He had to have everyone help him push the button.

When it lands on something it makes a really loud noise and lights all crazy and Hayden just loved it!! He would get so excited!

Wasn't to crazy about the riding toys.

Then paw paw took him down to the stage to watch the anamitronic chuck e, and dog and bird and the purple thing? and the pizza guy, he wasn't too sure about them.

but he warmed up quick and was dancing to their music and waving and saying HI!

Somewhere around close to 500 tokens later it was time to claim Hayden's prizes. It isn't too bad when you got five adults getting tickets for you! So a little over 1700 tickets later we ended up with, of course, a ball!! A chuck e doll, stickers, frisbee, and metal lunch box

Little Man was completely tuckered out and slept most the way home. A FUN time was had by all!! :)