Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Sneak Peek

NO, it is NOT an ultrasound pic. Ha!

For Hayden's first birthday I wanted to do a Red Wagon theme, I saw the set and was in love, but i don't think at 1 he will be quite ready for a real Radio Flyer that we, by we I mean Tim, I, and Grandma and Grandpa Bullock;) want to get to go along with the theme, so we are saving that for b-day #2. I saw a cake on the show Cake Boss and LOVED it, it is simple and so cute. So I decied to go with just a color theme and keep it simple. I got a few supplies today as I plan to do for the next 4 mo. That is Chocolate Brown and Teal. Love, Love, Love these two colors together. It will be quite a colorful b-day. Save the Date for either January 9 or 16, I have to talk to Erica first:) However you will probably need both Saturday's open :)


The Stain Family said...

You're hilarious! :) I love those two colors together too!! We're saving the date so I hope we're invited. ha. You might want to mark me down for "2"...and make extra cake. You know how I like cake and when I'm preggars I like it even more!!! :)

Angela Ibarra said...

Got it :) And yes, as Raegen's parents you are invited. And by then you will be really preggars.