Friday, September 4, 2009

Back in July we took Hayden on his first vacation, and it was a long one. We left on a Friday morning to meet Tim's sisters, Marc, Amber, and Ashlyn came for just the weekend for the 4th of July. We stayed until that next Saturday and were able to take Hayden to some of our fav SL spots and a few new ones. It was a lot of fun, but being gone for over a week with a baby was a lot of work, not to mention the six bags, pac n play, stroller, ect. We went to a new water park which was fun and I think Hayden enjoyed it, but the pics are still on the cam. Not to self: next time we go to a water park, bring someone to play with Hayden so Tim and I can do some things together. Since we switched back and forth being with Hayden in the kiddie section, we never did anything together. However, I have a feeling we might as well get used to that.

A pic with some cousins.

This was the first time Hayden met his aunt Brenda.

Tim and I LOVE the St. Louis Zoo, it is for sure one of our favorite places to go, and I was so excited to take Hayden there for his first zoo trip. He did so good and was such a good boy. We will be taking him back and hopefully can be zoo frequenters, not just SL zoo.

Their newest exhibit is getting to pet the sting rays, it took me a while to get up the courage to actually touch the things. The lady was like, "if it makes you feel any better their stingers have been removed" ha! no, that didn't make me feel any better. Of course, I did not let Hayden touch them, but he did like to look at them. Tim even fed one. You put this half of a nasty minnow between your fingers and it just comes right up and grabs it from your hand with it's mouth wich is on the bottom of it's body- No Way I was doing that!

We LOVE the penguin exhibit, it is the best one we have ever seen and it was nice to get out of the heat, because it is really cold in there. Hayden is a penguin lover too, just like his parents. We bought him a souvenir mommy and baby penguin stuffed animal, it is so cute

We were getting our traditional penguin entrance pic, when a small zoo train went by and blew it's horn, and practically scared Hayden to death, it is hard to see in this pic, but he is doing the pouty lip and I just knew he would burst into tears any second, but he didn't.

The baby giraffe was Adorable!

At the science center Hayden got his first build a bear, a dinosuar, and daddy got a cardinals shirt for it.

I wanted to go to the mall, and while we were there, Tim got a huge suprise, long story short, we got autographed books from Kurt and Brenda warner, who said that Hayden was so cute, and asked how old he was, of course, he slept through the whole thing. Tim was mad becasue he just knew they would let him get his pic (even though no one was allowed to) if Hayden would have smiled at them. They were very nice. For those who don't know Kurt warner was the quarterback for the SL Rams and now he is for some other team, and he is a christian. Info that I, at the time, didn't know, or care :)

We also toured the new Cardinals stadium. Hayden did so good the whole long tour, and believe me it was long, and boring, even the other tourist were saying what a good baby he was, he made for so long and then right before the best part, the field and dugout, he fell asleep, again making his daddy upset that he missed the best part, but he was tuckered, I still can't believe how good he did the whole trip. Me and an asleep Hayden in front of home plate. woopee. We also got our pics made in the dugout.
Hayden got to meet this very special man for the first time. This is Pastor Carnagey, he is very special to Tim and this will be a picture that I hope he can cherish forever. PC is not doing so good right now, and I ask that any one who reads this please pray for him, Tim actually calls him his grandpa.

We celebrated Hayden's first Fourth of July. He was getting sleepy and was a little fussy, and it was H-O-T hot, but when the fireworks started he just stared at them, a few of them scared him and he gave me a pouty lip, but for the most part, his eyes were glued. BTW- I got this onsie at Old Navy last year after the fourth of July for $2, It says Mommy's Little Sparkler, and I love it. I think it is 3-6, but I hope all my baby's can wear it on their first fourth of July's. That would be a great $2 investment!

A new visit to Tim and I was Grant's Farm. It was fun, they have a lot of animals. Hayden liked the llama.
This is what happened when he wanted more of his first soow cone.
Aunt Lisa gave him a taste of his first snow cone.

And YES, with out my condolance that is my 6 mo. old infant touching a snake. I have nothing else to say.

We fed the baby goats, I think they were more interested in eating our stroller. They were really cute. And so ends Hayden's first vacation. It was a huge success and I look forward to many more family vacations.


The Stain Family said...

What fun!!!! So glad you posted your pics, looks like ya'll had a wonderful vacation. :)