Monday, October 5, 2009

OUR First Trauma!!

So now that I have wiped away all of OUR tears, Hayden had his first traumatic experience today (I'm sure it was more traumatic for me than him) He woke up early from his morning nap, and Joshua still had about 30 min. left for his nap. I had noticed that our employers had got some pumpkins and mums, and I just so happen to have overalls for Hayden to wear today, how cute of a pic would that be. So we went to the front porch to "look" at the pumpkins and flowers. Hayden liked them so much that I couldn't even get him to look at me, so I gave up and joined beside him to look at them. This is what I got.

THEN...... I am not even sure what happened, but Hayden was falling and I caught his legs while his face hit the pavement. He started Crying, as did I, and we ran inside to asess the situation. After a little panic, I tried to wipe it off, smeared it with A&D cream and went for the ice pack. After a few minutes Hayden was fine, and wanted to play some more. I called Melissa and she said it would probably fine, and I agreed. After keeping him awake as long as I could he finally took a nap, as I checked on him at least every two minutes. It now looks like road rash, but this was the soon after effect.

A goose egg, and some scratches. I believe he will be fine and he is playing like nothing happened, like scaring mommy to death!!!! And the best part, his 9 mo. check up is Wed. So hopefully they I seriously have never freaked out like that in my life. I was proud though that I took control of the situation, and stayed some what calm.


The Stain Family said...

How sad...poor baby...and poor mama!! :)