Friday, May 15, 2009

Mother's Day 2009

This mother's day I celebrated my very first mother's day, it was very special to me, and daddy did a good job of making me feel loved.

Me and my little man.

I won the coursage for youngest mother, I also had the youngest baby, but since Audrey is only two hours older than Hayden, Bor. Eddie said that wasn't enough for me to win two coursages, I think that was fair. I really was very excited to win a coursage on my first mother's day, I had been anticipating the youngest baby one all week, so I was suprised when I won youngest mother.

Daddy and Hayden brought me brakfast in bed on Sunday morning along with my new digital picture frame full of pics of my wonderful boys and me.

I got two new cricut cartridges.

A card with a recording of Hayden's cutest little laugh.


The Stain Family said...

Congrats on winning youngest mother. I personally feel all "new" mothers should be recognized. It's a big deal to be a new mommy. I'll never forget my first Mother's Day and the anticipation I had for the youngest baby award...only there was a baby present that Sunday that was three days younger than Raegen! So no recognition for me. Basically, too bad, so're baby's too old {by THREE DAYS!}! ha. It is very "fleshly" to be concerned about such things, but the truth is, I was crushed and I'll never forget that. Even Sissy remembers being presented with a corsage on her first Mother's Day. I think men just don't think {or understand} about how special those days are to new mothers. :)

Angela Ibarra said...

Awww that is terrible, but I think I remember that. When I got to church I was scoping for visitors to see if there were any younger babys. The night before I imagined myself getting up to get yougnest baby coursage, and some visitor had a younger baby, and I had to go sit back down. I too would have been crushed, maybe next year for you, I am steadfastly praying;) You're right it was fleshly of me, even Tim said why are you being so prideful, and I said you just wait till father's day, you will be the same. Being a new mom really IS a big deal.